Re-evaluation of Facebook

We were given two articles to read today from the cbc website: and:

I feel that this is kind of biased information because the only articles we were given were bad ones and that I’m sure this isn’t the kind of website facebook is. Like I said in my last facebook post, every website has their creeps. If this happened on facebook a lot, it would have probably been shut down by now, I’m sure the creators are trying to stop the flow of pornographic and illegal images as much as they can.

Anyways, I took the liberty of finding a positive article about facebook:

And a more neutral article:

I find that facebook has it’s ups and downs. It all comes down to your own experience with it. I personally am very neutral with it and haven’t yet come upon any illegal images or had anything special happen. There are many websites out there, many a lot worse than facebook. It’s just a social site for people to connect and play games on, that’s it.

The only reason I really joined facebook was for the games and I don’t go on it that often. It’s a website, just like any other. You have your phase on it for a little while and then you move on to another site. Me, I’m mostly on now, it’s an art sharing site.


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  1. Mr. Harriman says:

    Thank you Mari for you objective and well researched comments!

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