Gamemaker’s Revenge p4

finished the basis of all my levels. I’m working on the rest of my enemies, and trying to get lives and score to work properly. I’ve decided to make an upgrade that gives my character a gun so he can kill enemies since I can’t get the jumping on their head thing to work. I still have to finish hidden rooms and the final scoreboard along with the boss level.

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Gamemaker’s Revenge, p3

Today, I got my cloud sprite to work. It is a sprite thet is just solid and that you can stay on by jumping. I think I will use it for access to secret levels or something. I also finished my side-scrolling. I just have to figure out a way to kill my enemies, right now they are invincible. Maybe I will add bullets, with different upgrades. I’m happy with what I have done right now, my player is working and almost everything in the first level is done. I just need to add a finish, coins and upgrades and it will be done.

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Gamemaker’s Revenge, continued

Ok, so last class I was able to work on making my character move and fixing some glitches. I finished adding almost all my sprites but still have a few more to finish (wich I can’t right now because my sister broke my tablet!!!). Working during teh lunch hour I was also able to get one of my enemies working, as well as make my level side-scrollable.

OK, done with my update for now! 🙂

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Gamemaker’s Revenge

A continuation of my last post, I didn’t get that much done today due to the fact that the photoshop version I used here is a pain. It is really slow to edit anything so I will finish the rest of my sprites at home. All I really accomplished was putting the sprites I had into gamemaker. I also made another enemy for my winter level.

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Gamemaker – Platformer

We are now making our own specified games! I decided to make a platformer, sort of like mario except set up in Gamemaker universe. The title is “Gamemaker’s Revenge” because the boss is going to be a modified Gamemaker sprite.There it is up there. The actual in game version is going to spin. Right now I’ve been making the sprites for the game, and let me tell you, it’s a real pain. I decided to have three levels set in three different zones, spring, winter, and summer(fire). Which means that I have to make modifications for all three of the levels.

Anyways, It’s been fun! 🙂

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We’ve started a pretty cool new unit after the Christmas break. It is about creating your own games and a sort of simplified version of programming. You can download it on don’t worry, it’s virus free, I have it on my laptop right now! 🙂

We’ll if you’re planning on getting it, I would suggest you start with the introductory first game you find on the right side of the program when you open it. It will teach you the basics of making your very own game and how awesome that can be.

Our class made a maze after that, I didn’t like the character sprite so I made my own, it’s really easy, just save a sprite in .png format, well, that’s the only one I’ve used so far. I don’t know if it will understand any others.

Anyways, it’s really fun to use and make games in.

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Frankenstein Project

This was a project we did last year. We had to get 12 animals and photoshop them together to get them to be one entire creature. This was one of my favorite projects that we got to do. I like to photoshop things but I had never though of this myself so I was really exited for what we were going to do.

I personally love this creature. It is a mix of jaguar, crocodile, dinosaur, lobster, bird, another bird, bat, fish, another fish, lizard and deer(I think).

Mixing and blending all the creatures together was really fun and I had lots of fun. we had to take the animals and put them all together and use blends and different styles and all sorts of things. Ok, hope you enjoy this as much as I did!

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We made a Christmas card just before the break! Merry late Christmas everyone!

The Christmas card displayed below was a dare my friend made me do. It all started when I put the marriage background thing on, then it continued from there. It’s just a fun little Christmas card, more original than most, I think. 😛

Merry Christmas everyone! Yes, you will survive it. :p

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Merry Christmas and a happy new year! I’m trying to update and finish my blogs now. These are some christmas snowflakes I made! Both were done with photoshop and we mostly just duplicated the pattern we made to get them.

The snowflakes below are made differently, the first is made by getting a rectangle and deleting half of it to get a triangle. You then just duplicate it, flip it and merge it with the first part and then just keep duplicating until you finish.

The last snowflake is made differently. The duplicating and flipping is the same. Making the snowflake is slightly different. You have to get a straight line tool, make it thick enough and then make a straight line. On one side you add the pattern you like and once you’re done, just duplicate and flip again.

Anyways, making snowflakes isn’t too hard, it’s fun!

Oh, yeah, for the bottom snowflake, I also used some filters to make it more interesting, have fun with the filters! I used diffuse and a layer glow.

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Flash animating project “A Halloween Bat”

We are starting a new animating project, with a halloween theme. We had to make a small storyboard on what we were going to do. Then we were given about 5 periods to make it, plus lunchtimes.

As you can see from the title, I made my storyboard on a bat. I won’t tell you the story, I’ll show you:

Actually, that’s pretty terrible quality. The gif file was horrible. Most of the effects don’t work so I’ll have to try and get a better version soon. the eyes were supposed to blink and the bats wings were supposed to move. The gif didn’t pick that up so I’ll see what I can do.

Anyways, as you can see, It’s completed and working. I didn’t really come to any problems making this other than the odd “I can’t change the colour!!!”

It was really fun to make since it was halloween themed.

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