Merry Christmas and a happy new year! I’m trying to update and finish my blogs now. These are some christmas snowflakes I made! Both were done with photoshop and we mostly just duplicated the pattern we made to get them.

The snowflakes below are made differently, the first is made by getting a rectangle and deleting half of it to get a triangle. You then just duplicate it, flip it and merge it with the first part and then just keep duplicating until you finish.

The last snowflake is made differently. The duplicating and flipping is the same. Making the snowflake is slightly different. You have to get a straight line tool, make it thick enough and then make a straight line. On one side you add the pattern you like and once you’re done, just duplicate and flip again.

Anyways, making snowflakes isn’t too hard, it’s fun!

Oh, yeah, for the bottom snowflake, I also used some filters to make it more interesting, have fun with the filters! I used diffuse and a layer glow.


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