Flash CS3 Pro – Making a motorcycle man Part 2

Well, it seems the stickman will be walking to a motorcycle.

Start by taking out your old animation and making a new layer. Name this one              “motorcycle” and take out your line and circle tools. Draw a rough representation of a motorcycle and then use the selection tool (black mouse) to curse the lines the way you want them. You can colour it using the fill and inkpot tools. Draw two thick whitish lines onto each wheel and then curve it to fit the shape of the wheel. Then select it all and turn it into a graphic symbol.

when your done that, enter the motorcycle and create about a 3 frame animation of the white curves of the wheels to make it look as if it were rotating. You do that by using the free transform tool and selecting the 2 lines of a wheel and then rotating it when you see an arrow circling itself around the outer edge. You rotate it about one third and then go onto the next frame.

Exit back into scene one and play the animation, now it should seem as if the wheels of the motorcycle were moving.

Done, now for part 3…



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