Flash CS3 Pro – Making a walking stickman Part 1

Yesterday we had to make a walking stickman go across the screen.

How you start is by first establishing the ground by drawing a line near the bottom of the screen in the first layer. Name the first layer “ground”; add a new layer and name that “man” or something similar.

To draw the stick figure, you have to select the line tool and have a tool at the bottom also selected, it looks like a circle with a box around it though I can’t remember it’s name. Then draw your stick figure, you’ll notice how boxes come around it, if not, then the other tool is not selected.

When your done your stick figure, go to the selection tool (black mouse) and select the entire figure. Right click and select “convert to symbol”, once there, name it “man” and select the graphics option. There will be boxes on the right, make sure your stick figures selected box is the center one. Open your library and you can see it.

Now, double click on the stick figure and you’ll enter the figures animation room (you’ll see right under the animation box “scene 1 – man” or something similar. If you want to get out, click scene 1. Here you draw the figure walking, make only 4 keyframes or so with the transitional poses.

Once done, get out by clicking the scene 1 button. If you test your animation now, it won’t work so you have to create a timeframe here for the man and ground (20 frames or so).If you want him to walk across the screen, start him at one side and move him to where you want him to end up on the last keyframe. Now, just make a motion tween for your stickfigure.

This is a larger project so it will be continued with new things.


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