White Pine Yaay!

I went to White Pine last week, the camp for all grade 10s. Getting on the bus at first was a bit nervewracking since I didn’t really know what to expect from White Pine. It was about a three hour trip and when we got there they told us of a bear threat. We all piled into the sports field to stay together and then our counselors came running and screaming down the hill. At first it was like there was a bear but then they started chanting and held up signs for us to find our cabins. The bear thing was a joke, as I understood it.

Our cabin’s held about 15 people each with 2 colour team groups¬†sharing it. Once we got settled we went to have dinner. I don’t really remember all the meals but they were all very good. After that, we went to a big hall called Pinetages, and there we got to watch a skit about all the rules. aAother skit called “Soup” some gameshow like thing was about losing all their White Pine “tickets” and they have to play to get them back. Throughout the nights the game continued until the host quit and we had to play a scavenger hunt to get him back.

Every morning we got up at 7:30 and had breakfast at 8:00, then we had activities for a while and lunch after that. We had another activity and then free time for about 2 hours before dinner. after that were the nights at Pinetages and then a snack and bed.

Overall, White Pine was amazing and I feel bad for everyone who couldn’t come.


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